pearls and perils of publishing

About Us

We hope this blog serves to open a window to the world of publishing and the art of writing from the perspective of two writers – Rob MacGregor and Trish MacGregor – who have made a living as writers since the mid-1980s. Over that time we have published 51 novels. Trish leads the way with 30 of them. 

We both started as mystery writers, and over the years have moved into thrillers and adventure/fantasy tales. We like to think of ourselves as authors of speculative fiction and dabblers in magical reality.
We’ve also published a cart load of non-fiction books that could be loosely categorized as self-help/metaphysical/mysteries-of-the-unknown tomes that you find in the New Age section of bookstores. Topics of those books include synchronicity, psychic development, yoga, tarot, dream interpretation, astrology, divination, and the Bermuda Triangle.

For us, fiction writing is a means of creating worlds that resemble our own in greater or lesser degrees, depending on the story. Writing novels is also about letting our characters come alive and tell their stories. Often times, they surprise us and that’s when we know we’re on the right path. In a sense, we are characters in our own story, and  yes, we surprise ourselves from time to time. We’ll be revealing our story little by little, post by post.